Little Shepherds' Schoolhouse Backpack

Pre-Order Only

Introducing the cute LSS backpack for your little ones. Exclusively made just for you (Pre-Orders only). Crafted for lightness and functionality. Organize stationaries, reading materials, and activity books into this backpack conveniently. The shoulder strap is padded for comfort with an adjustable strap. [SAVE up on shipping! Some schools still have balance stock! Please check with individual school for stock availability] Q. What is the price? A. Pre-Order price is $15.00 each. Orders will be sent via post to your mailing address, postage fee apply. Q. How do I order this item? A. Follow the 3 simple steps below. Step 1) Copy the template below to order. Step 2) Click the [Order Here] button. Step 3) Paste the template on the Contact Us page (Message Box) and fill in your details. TEMPLATE TO ORDER Little Shepherds' Schoolhouse Backpack 1. Your Name: 2. Your Contact: 3. Your Address: 4. Children Full Name: 5. Children Age: 6. Children Class: Name of School: (Example: Church of St Anthony/ St Joseph Church/ Church of the Nativity/ Church of the Holy Trinity.... ETC) Quantity: Do you have other items in your shopping cart? Let us know your Order ID too! We can help to arrange this to be packed with your orders.


Pre Order Bag Tag

Bag It! Tag It! Own It!

Click the button below to see the order form in our embroidery services and let us know the name to sew in English only. Bag tag tape length is approximately 12cm(+-), width is 2.5cm. Hanging loop is length is approximately 8cm(+-), width is 0.5cm. Base tape and hanging loop color in ivory white color only. Single sided.