PRE-ORDER [Loungewear Active Jogger] Little Shepherds' Schoolhouse

Get excited with our up & coming new item! Introducing the Lounge Jogger for your little ones. Exclusively made just for you (Pre-Orders only). Q. What is this Lounge Jogger? A. Utility-style sports trousers meet comfy lounge wear. Q. Why is it special? A. This Lounge Jogger is created to have dual functions. Worn not only as an outdoor sports trousers but is also made to be worn while lazing indoors too. Nap restfully and feel the super special soft and cooling coolmax knit fabric with fast drying properties. This lounge jogger is created for both boys and girls in a unisex shade of Heavenly blue. Q. What is the price? A. Pre-Order price is $15.50 each. Orders will be send via post to your mailing address, postage fee apply. Q. How do I order this item? A. Follow the 3 simple steps below. Step 1) Copy the template below to order. Step 2) Click the [Order Here] button. Step 3) Paste the template in the Contact Us page (Message Box) and fill in your details. TEMPLATE TO ORDER LOUNGEWEAR ACTIVE JOGGER Your Name: Your Contact: Your Address: Children Full Name: Children Age: Children Class: Name of School: (Example: Church of St Anthony/ St Joseph Church/ Church of the Nativity/ Church of the Holy Trinity.... ETC) Item Size: [100/S] [110/M] [120/L] [130/XL] [140/XXL] [150/XXXL] (Please indicate only the size you required.) Quantity:

Terms and Conditions

1. Loungewear Active Jogger is a pre-order item only. 2. Pre-orders must be submitted by 30th MARCH 2022, 12:00pm,(Singapore time). 3. An e-Invoice will be sent to you via email on 1st APRIL 2022. 4. Pre-order will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment. 5. Orders will be send via post to your mailing address, postage charges apply. 6. Mode of payment will only be accepted via PayNow / PayLah. 7. Please do not make payment until you have received the e-invoice with order ID. 8. Late pre-orders received after 1st APRIL 2022 , 12:00 pm will not be accepted. 9. There will be NO excess stock produced for this product, so please order the required quantity you wish to purchase. 10. There will be NO exchange of sizes, NO exchange to other products & NO refund. 11. Shipment for this item is projected to reach Singapore on (To Be Confirm). 12. Shoppers / Buyers must exercise caution and perform due diligence on your PRE-ORDER request quantity, size and given information of School & Class. 13. THEOS KYRIOS will not proceed to manufacture the above item if the total pre-order received for all schools falls below the minimum of 200 pieces. 14. You have agreed and accepted to all the T&Cs once you have submitted your pre-order request. 15. THEOS KYRIOS reserves the right to amend this policy at any time without prior notice.