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Mini Me

Have an awesome parent child bonding time with these DIY cardboard costumes and accessories. Perfect toy which stimulates the child's curiosity to build, learning patience and systematic building, ending the day with role playing to train their motor skills! Made of cardboard without sharp edges to prevent any mishap or accidents.

Mini Me Activity Card board Hand.jpg

Activity Cardboard Toy Hands

Mini Me Activity Card board oven.jpg

Activity Cardboard Toy Oven

Mini Me Activity Card board shark.jpg

Activity Cardboard Toy Shark

Mini Me Activity Card board dino.jpg

Activity Cardboard Toy Blast The Dino

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Mini Me Activity Card board giraffe.jpg

Activity Coloured Cardboard Giraffe

Mini Me Activity Card board green dino.jpg

Activity Coloured Cardboard Green Dino


Activity Coloured Cardboard Blue Dino


Activity Coloured Cardboard Blue Shark

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Activity Coloured Cardboard Fire Truck


Activity Coloured Cardboard Police Car


Activity Coloured Cardboard Excavator/Digger


Activity Coloured Cardboard School Bus

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Mini Me Activity Card board plane.jpg

Activity Cardboard Toy Vintage Plane

Mini Me Activity Card board castle.jpg

Activity Cardboard Toy Royal Castle

Mini Me Activity Card board ship.jpg

Activity Cardboard Toy Pirate Ship

Mini Me Activity Card board fire truck.jpg

Activity Cardboard Toy Fire Engine/Truck

Dr Dudu

Dr Dudu developed products to give new mothers convenience. Everything is created in mind to make life easier and help ease the workload of new parents.  High-quality products is taken into consideration on the safety of the new born and the needs of the customers.

Dr DUDU 1.jpg

[ Dr Dudu ] Portable Feeding Bottle

Feeding on the go is made easy with this product. Good rounded edge design provides a better grip for your baby's tiny hands. Commute light, commute smart, commute easy with this portable feeding bottle.

Dr DUDU 2.jpg

[ Dr Dudu ] Milk Storage Bag 

Dr Dudu Breast Milk Storage Bag is able to store up to 200 ml of milk. BPA free, sealed tightly for freshness and prevent leakage or exposure to air. Carry it like a portable water bottle. Ideal for our modern on the go Mums.


For over 10 years, V-Coool is committed to design and develop specialize products for infants, young children, prenatal/ postnatal and breastfeeding mothers. Strive to offer the modern mum smart products to help them establish stronger bond with their babies.

V-Cool Bag 1.jpg

[ V-Coool ] Milk Cooler Bag

Put in all your essentials into this Breast Milk Cooler Bag. This cooler bag is able to store cold items, perfect for breastmilk. The must have bag when you need to be out and about.

V-Cool Bag 2.jpg

[ V-Coool ] Milk Cooler Backpack

Light weight and water proof, this backpack is able to keep and store milk cool for 24 hours. Has separate dry and wet compartment. Portable charging at the side with headphone hole where you can relax to soothing music while on the go.

Multi function cooler bags

Pack your lunch, Let's go somewhere for picnic

V-Cool Bag 3.jpg

[ V-Coool ] European Style Cooler Backpack

Product Feature: Large design zip opening with waterproof lining. Has dry and wet separation space. Keep your contents fresh for up to 8 to 12 hours. Ideal for picnic, work lunchbox , breastmilk and cold beverages for after sports. Is able to separate into two compartments. Versatile two way design, the hand carry look or easy backpack convertible. Available in 3 colors!

V-Cool Bag 4.jpg

[ V-Coool ] Anti-Theft Cooler Backpack

Product Feature: Slash proof Fabric! Revolutionary anti theft bag. Able to fit your 14 inch laptop. Insulation and cooling properties to keep contents warm or cool. Waterproof and leakproof with dry and wet separation space. Inner small bag is separable. External USB charging port with 6 compartments. Ergonomic designed, to take special care of your back and shoulders. Perfect for a full day out. Available in 2 colors!

V-Cool Bag 5.jpg

[ V-Coool ] Chic Cooler Bucket Bag

Product Feature: Simple classic chic. Uniquely designed in a cylinder shaped cooler bucket bag. Light weight and waterproof. Has separating compartment. Content preservation time is between 4 to 8 hours. Great for lunch to go, soup, beverages or milk. Available in 1 color.

Baby's Breath

Baby oral care is as important as adults. Baby will have a sour breath if their mouth is not clean. Use V-coool baby oral cleaner to help put your mind at ease thinking on how to clean your baby's mouth.